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Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France is a worldwide network of senior business leaders that was founded in 1898.

By Ted Kelton
at London Conference of Health

President’s Message

Christian BESSE | President of Lebanon Chapter

Despite rising regional tensions and the multiple current challenges to Lebanon security and stability, The Lebanon chapter of CCEF continues its renewal, in a similar way to the astonishing resilience of the Lebanese private sector and civil society.
In 2013, our group has welcomed several new members, including its second-ever female advisor. The Lebanon chapter currently has more than 20 members, whose combined expertise covers a vast scope of businesses.
Our monthly meetings allow the chapter members to exchange in an open and accurate way about the economic situation of the hosting country, as well as the neighboring regions. Thus, this is how we get to meet the most important decision makers of the country, either from the public or private sectors.
The members of CCEF are mostly global companies’ executives with regional responsibilities and coverage, who are using Beirut as a starting platform for the Near and Middle East.
We establish close exchanges with the Economic Mission of Beirut and Ubifrance; which help us take the best measures regarding the difficulties and opportunities of the market.
The close and friendly relationships that we have built and do maintain with the Movement of French Enterprises and Economic Representations in Lebanon (MEREF) and the Lebanese Businessmen Association (Rassemblement des Dirigeants et Chefs d’Entreprises Libanais – RDCL) provide for any French economic operator who wants to develop activities in Lebanon and/or the East of the Mediterranean, an efficient tool that is continuously updated.
Welcome to Lebanon!

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Leaders and senior business leaders, Foreign Trade Advisors of France (CCFL) form a single network in the world, founded in 1898, which now has 4,300 members grouped into sections present in France and in over 145 countries .
The CCFL are volunteers, have their own professional activity and possess a skill and a recognized international experience. They were, for these qualities, appointed for renewable three years by decree of the Prime Minister on the proposal of Minister of Foreign Trade.
The CCFL advise the government in the conduct of foreign trade of France by the opinions and recommendations they make. They have a mission of practical assistance to businesses and youth education to careers abroad.